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Monica L. Nash
Positive Life Solutions (PLS) - After over 20 years, we will be taking clients only by referral.  Thank you!

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Positive Life Solutions (PLS) recognizes the life challenges that grow deeper every day with people. You may find yourself dealing with relationship/marital problems, family issues, health concerns, and job/financial pressures that are critical and overwhelming.

Working hard to achieve your goals is one thing and mastering the art of attracting your desires is another. What distinguishes the successful from the not-so-successful is the use of everyday powerful tools that helps people be where they want to be. There is no magic wand!  But there are SOLUTIONS in making steps towards a peaceful living.


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Positive Life Solutions is ONLY taking clients by referral
. All information provided to PLS - Positive Life Solutions is confidential and will not be redistributed. Texting: Mention in the comments, and you will be contacted through texting. All information is kept CONFIDENTIAL!
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