There are two parts to influence: first, influence is powerful; and second, influence is subtle. You wouldn't let someone push you off course, but you might let someone nudge you off course and not even realize it.

 Don't join an easy crowd; you won't grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high. You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What have they got me reading? What have they got me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most important, what do they have me becoming? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay?

The only difference between who you are now and who you are 5 years from now is the people you meet and the books you read.

Get around people who have something of value to share with you. Their impact will continue to have a significant effect on your life long after they have departed.

To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract.

The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.

We can have more than we've got because we can become more than we are. -Jim Rhon


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